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Size: 7.48 in. x 2.75 in. x 1.97 in.

Experts' choice around the world

"Sleep&Glow Pillow is a great invention to prevent sleep wrinkles."

- Dr. David Shafer, New York, USA
"The chest pillow is such a good investment!"

I really recommend using a chest pillow to prevent lines in the chest area. I've been using the Sleep&Glow chest pillow for a year and a half now. And if you are a side sleeper like me, you may find a lot of lines between your breasts when you wake up in the morning, but when you use chest pillow placed between the breasts, they don't crease together throughout the night and you can see on my chest area how smooth it is now, the results are super quick!


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Debbie Gough 14 December 2021
I was really excited about trying this product, but it was exceptionally expensive to buy with the cost of shipping to the UK, and then it didn't work for me at all. If you want something to stop wrinkles very low down then it might work, but the wrinkles I wanted to reduce are the ones from the base of my neck down the decollette and this pillow didn't help with those at all! I sleep on my side with my arms up together under my pillow - this causes the pillow bra to puff out away from my skin, allowing the skin to wrinkle underneath. If you make the straps tighter then the top of the bra pushes the skin upwards causing horizontal wrinkles! I hope it works for others but for me it was a very expensive exercise, one which I wish I'd thought through more and decided against before paying out all that money.
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Allison 13 April 2020
I couldn’t be more delighted with the pillow. I even had to buy an extra one for my husband to use, since he was stealing mine! I used to suffer from pain in my neck every morning, but now with this pillow I sleep so well, and the pain has gone away.
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Stephanie Balkovec 17 February 2020
Hello, the pillow was as advertised and very comfortable and silky!
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Jennifer 02 December 2019
In the 10 weeks I’ve owned this pillow it has helped me to start sleeping on my back and has eliminated my neck cramps and back stiffness. I thought that I’d need to buy a new mattress to solve my problems, but it turns out I just needed to buy this pillow.
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Sunshine 28 July 2018
I love the pillow. I think if I were larger busted this would be a must because of the comfort. I am a average sized and love that it prevents sleeping wrinkles, but also find it very comfortable.
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Susanna Ho 01 February 2018
It's very comfortable and feels soft
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